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The full programme shows all of the conference’s activities which will take place over three days at the University of Essex. For more details about each event, try reading our conference highlights.

Tue 21 July

RegistrationLecture Theatre Building Foyer

Conference welcome Lecture Theatre Building 6

Professor Michaela Benzeval
Chair: Professor Michaela Benzeval

Plenary speaker - Professor Sara Arber Lecture Theatre Building 6

Understanding Ageing, Understanding Sleep: Capitalising on Understanding Society

Presenter: Professor Sara Arber , University of Surrey

Chair: David Walker

Lunch Lecture Theatre Building Foyer

Parallel Session A

Health (cardiovascular disease)Lecture Theatre Building 8

Associations between active commuting behaviours and blood biomarkers for cardiovascular disease

Presenter: Ellen Flint , London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The impacts of retirement on cardiovascular risk factors in China: results from a 20-year prospective study

Presenter: Baowen Xue, University College London

Unmet statin treatment needs for primary prevention of cardiovascular events among the 30-74 year olds in the UK household population – Implications of the new 10% 10-year cardiovascular risk threshold for treatment eligibility.

Presenter: Jakob Petersen , ISER, University of Essex

Chair: David Blane

Wealth, income & poverty Lecture Theatre Building 3

The impact of spell recurrence on poverty dynamics in less developed contexts: The case of Chile during the period 2006-2009

Presenter: Jose Prieto, Boston College, Boston, USA

Income reporting in the initial waves of panel surveys: Evidence from the Understanding Society

Presenter: Paul Fisher , ISER, University of Essex

The pattern of home ownership across cohorts and its impact on the net wealth distribution: empirical evidence from Germany and the US

Presenter: Tobias Schmidt, Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany

Chair: Nick Buck

Survey methods (measurement)Lecture Theatre Building 5

Interviewer and respondent behaviours when measuring change with dependent interviewing

Presenter: Annette Jäckle , ISER

Effects of showcards on responses in face-to-face surveys

Presenter: Violetta Parutis, ISER, University of Essex

Towards device agnostic survey design: challenges and opportunities for Understanding Society

Presenter: Tim Hanson, TNS BMRB

Chair: Gillian Prior

Workshop - Understanding impactLecture Theatre Building 7

Understanding impact

Presenter: Meghan Rainsberry, CLOSER, University College London

Chair: Megan Rainsberry

Poster Session A & Coffee Break Lecture Theatre Building 4

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Parallel Session B

Poverty and earning loss Lecture Theatre Building 3

Can job displacements explain the UK's productivity puzzle?

Presenter: Panagiotis Giannarakis, University of Southampton

Neighbourhood effect on poverty dynamics in the city of Santiago, Chile

Presenter: Jose Prieto, Alberto Hurtado University

In or out? Poverty dynamics amongst pensioner households in the UK.

Presenter: Ricky Kanabar, ISER, University of Essex

Chair: Paul Fisher

Fertility decisionsLecture Theatre Building 5

Perceived income adequacy, the transition to parenthood and parity progression in the UK

Presenter: Ann Berrington , University of Southampton

Fertility choices and early career job instability

Presenter: Ludovica Giua , University of Essex

The boy-girl factor: gender role attitudes and the impact of entry into parenthood

Presenter: Alice Lazzati, University of Oxford

Chair: Heather Laurie

Workshop - Longitudinal Modelling with Longitudinal HouseholdsLecture Theatre Building 7

Longitudinal Modelling with Longitudinal Households

Presenter: Paul Clarke , ISER, University of Essex

Chair: Paul Clarke

Drinks Reception Wivenhoe House Hotel

Wed 22 July

Registration Day 2Lecture Theatre Building Foyer

Parallel Session C

Health (methods)Lecture Theatre Building 8

Survey design, survey response behaviour and the dynamics of self-reported health and disability

Presenter: Steve Pudney , ISER, University of Essex

Chaining transitions in short longitudinal datasets to estimate the lifetime health benefits of childhood interventions

Presenter: Alex J. Turner, University of Manchester

Chair: Kirby Swales

Social mobility Lecture Theatre Building 3

Social mobility over three generations in Britain

Presenter: Min Zhang, University of Manchester

The contribution of adult learning to intergenerational social mobility in England: findings from the British Household Panel Survey

Presenter: Arianna Tassinari , Office for National Statistics

Upward social mobility and life satisfaction. The cases of United Kingdom and Switzerland

Presenter: Robin Samuel , University of Bern, Switzerland

Chair: Tak Wing Chan

Employment & wellbeing Lecture Theatre Building 5

Does work affect life satisfaction? Testing the relationship between job satisfaction, the work domain and life satisfaction.

Presenter: Andy Charlwood, University of Loughborough

Working hours, work identity and subjective wellbeing

Presenter: Alita Nandi, ISER, University of Essex

Leaving work and wellbeing: beyond an average effect

Presenter: Dusanee Kesavayuth, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand

Chair: Stephen Stansfeld

Workshop - Genetic data in Understanding Society (part 1)Lecture Theatre Building 7

Introduction by Meena Kumari

Presenter: Meena Kumari, ISER, University of Essex

Genome-wide genotyping in the UKHLS

Presenter: Bram Prins, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Heritability and genetic association analysis of two cognition phenotypes in white European adults

Presenter: Delilah Zabaneh, University College London

Chair: Meena Kumari

Drop-in Session & Coffee Break Lecture Theatre Building 6

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Parallel Session D

Mental health & sleep Lecture Theatre Building 8

Latent class analysis reveals six distinct sleeping patterns that are associated with key sociodemographic and health characteristics in both Wave 1 and Wave 4 of Understanding Society.

Presenter: Amal Alghamdi, University of Leeds

History of exposure to symptoms of common mental disorder in relation to extended working: British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society

Presenter: Gareth Hagger-Johnson, University College London

Social inequality and health: What role for sleep?

Presenter: Robert Meadows , Surrey University

Chair: Sara Arber

Education Lecture Theatre Building 3

Are there changing socio-economic inequalities in childhood cognitive test performance? Methodological considerations from the analysis of three British birth cohort studies

Presenter: Roxanne Connelly , University of Edinburgh

School quality and parental investments into children

Presenter: Birgitta Rabe, ISER, University of Essex

Where Do Cultural Omnivores Come From? The Implications of Educational Mobility For Cultural Consumption

Presenter: Tak Wing Chan, University of Warwick

Chair: Dean Lillard

Ethnicity – family and intergenerational issuesLecture Theatre Building 5

Intergenerational and inter-ethnic wellbeing: an analysis for the UK

Presenter: Cinzia Rienzo, National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Accounting for differences in women’s labour force transitions by ethnic origin in the UK

Presenter: Yassine Khoudja, London School of Economics and Political Science

The impact of parental worklessness on children’s labour market outcomes: exploring gender and ethnicity

Presenter: Carolina Zuccotti, University of Brighton

Chair: Lucinda Platt

Workshop - Genetic data in Understanding Society (part 2)Lecture Theatre Building 7

The role of common genetic variation in educational attainment and labour market outcomes: evidence from the National Child Development Study

Presenter: Neil Davies, University of Cambridge

Biological  significance of genetic variants associated with Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) identified by Genome-Wide Association Studies

Presenter: Ghazaleh Fatemifar, University College London

Using Genome-wide Data to examine the association between Body Mass Index (BMI) and sleep

Presenter: Victoria Garfield, University College London

Chair: Meena Kumari

Lunch Lecture Theatre Building Foyer

User Consultation Session Lecture Theatre Building 6

Chair: Michaela Benzeval

Poster Session B & Coffee BreakLecture Theatre Building 4

Parallel Session E

Health (use of biomeasures)Lecture Theatre Building 8

Social patterning in grip strength across the life course: a cross sectional analysis using Understanding Society

Presenter: Caroline Carney , ISER, University of Essex

Which biosocial characteristics predict the accuracy of self-reported height and weight among adults? A comparison of data from Understanding Society Wave 1 and Wave 2 (Nurse Visit)

Presenter: Rasha Alfawaz, University of Leeds

Income-related inequalities in adiposity in the United Kingdom: evidence from multiple adiposity measures.

Presenter: Apostolos Davillas, ISER, University of Essex

Chair: Elizabeth Webb

Employment & health Lecture Theatre Building 3

Who is breadwinning? A 20-year comparison of female labour supply in Germany and the UK

Presenter: Vanessa Gash, City University

Acute health shocks and labour market exits

Presenter: Francesca Zantomio , Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

The impact on mental and physical health of employment and welfare transitions for those claiming sickness benefits in UK

Presenter: Esther Curnock, University of Glasgow

Chair: Andy Charlwood

Young people and risk attitudesLecture Theatre Building 5

Linking experimental and survey data for a UK representative sample: Structural estimation and external validity of risk and time preferences

Presenter: Matteo M. Galizzi, London School of Economics

Channels of risk-sharing at a micro level: savings, investments and the risk aversion heterogeneity

Presenter: Eleonora Pierucci, University of Basilicata, Italy

Chair: Peter Lynn

Workshop - The Socio-Cultural Integration of New Immigrants in EuropeLecture Theatre Building 7

Religion and social integration: a longitudinal study of recent immigrants

Presenter: Mieke Maliepaard, Universiteit van Utrecht, the Netherlands

Temporary disruption or ‘opting out’? Changes in recent Polish migrants’ religiosity in Ireland

Presenter: Antje Roeder, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Elite or middling? International students and migrant diversification

Presenter: Renee Luthra, ISER, University of Essex

Does she lose more than he does? Gender, job quality and Polish migration to Western Europe

Presenter: Gillian Kingston, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Chair: Renee Luthra

Barbecue Dinner & Band Wivenhoe House Hotel

Thu 23 July

Registration Day 3Lecture Theatre Building Foyer

Parallel Session F

Health behavioursLecture Theatre Building 8

Public healthcare eligibility and the utilisation of GP services by older people in Ireland

Presenter: Yuanyuan Ma , Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Breast and cervical cancer screening in Great Britain: Dynamic interrelated processes

Presenter: Alexander Labeit, University of Leicester

Nicotine Nation: The dynamics of cigarette consumption in Russia

Presenter: Diana Quirmbach , University College London

Chair: Steve Pudney

Family change / changing familiesLecture Theatre Building 3

The impact of marriage property law on spouses' marriage-specific investment

Presenter: Daniela Piazzalunga, Università di Torino, Italy

Living apart together and cohabitation intentions in Great Britain

Presenter: Yang Hu , University of Cambridge

Family instability throughout childhood: new estimates from the British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society

Presenter: Mike Brewer, ISER, University of Essex

Chair: Tom Crossley

Young people's wellbeing Lecture Theatre Building 5

Interrelations between the happiness and wellbeing of adolescents and their parents

Presenter: Elizabeth Webb, University College London

Parents, siblings or friends? Exploring life satisfaction among early adolescents

Presenter: Deniz Yucel , William Paterson University, USA

Longitudinal associations between social website use and happiness in young people

Presenter: Cara Booker, ISER, University of Essex

Chair: Maria Iacovou

Workshop - United Kingdom Longitudinal Studies: Research, Evidence and ImpactLecture Theatre Building 7

Introduction and overview

Presenter: Nicky Rogers, Office for National Statistics

Overview of the longitudinal studies for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Presenter: Rachel Stuchbury , University College London

Fertility, health and education of England and Wales immigrants: The role of English language skills

Presenter: Lualhati Santiago, Office for National Statistics

NEETs in Scotland: a longitudinal analysis of long-term health effects of the NEET experience

Presenter: Zhiqiang Feng, University of St Andrews

Religious and national identities in Northern Ireland in transition

Presenter: Stefanie Doebler, Queen's University Belfast

Chair: Nicky Rogers (ONS)

Drop-in Session & Coffee BreakLecture Theatre Building 6

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Plenary speaker - Professor David BellLecture Theatre Building 6

Scotland's changing fiscal framework through the prism of Understanding Society

Presenter: Professor David Bell, University of Stirling

Chair: Vernon Gayle

Award of prizes for top student and Early Career Researcher presentations and posters Lecture Theatre Building 6

Michaela Benzeval
Chair: Michaela Benzeval

LunchLecture Theatre Building Foyer

Parallel Session G

Health (inequalities over the lifecourse)Lecture Theatre Building 8

Spend your health to gain your wealth or spend your wealth to regain your health? The relationship between financial expectations and health investment decisions

Presenter: Matthew Little , Newcastle University

Empowerment and the risk of mortality in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing: A survival analysis.

Presenter: Gopal Netuveli, University College London

Inferring health milieu geographies from Understanding Society and the UK Census

Presenter: Jens Kandt, University College London

Chair: George Ellison

Survey methods (coverage and non-response)Lecture Theatre Building 3

The impact of following rules on the sample composition of household based panel studies

Presenter: Nicole Watson, University of Melbourne, Australia

The representativity of a panel for the general population

Presenter: Annamaria Bianchi, University of Bergamo, Italy

Does the switch to a mixed-mode design increase panel attrition?

Presenter: Alessandra Gaia, Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Call and response: Modelling longitudinal contact and cooperation using lagged contact records data

Presenter: Carlos Lagorio, ISER, University of Essex

Chair: Alison Park

Environment & wellbeing Lecture Theatre Building 5

Effects of early life weather conditions on later life attitudes and outcomes

Presenter: Joseph Gomes, ISER

The greener, the happier? The effects of urban green and abandoned areas on residential wellbeing

Presenter: Christian Krekel, German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin, Germany

The health and wellbeing effects of commuting: evidence from exogenous shocks

Presenter: Luke A. Munford, University of Manchester

The impact of air pollution on subjective wellbeing

Presenter: Sarah Knight , University of York

Chair: Ellen Flint

Ethnicity, social networks and neighbourhoods Lecture Theatre Building 7

How are social networks, poverty and ethnicity related? A cross sectional study

Presenter: Dharmi Kapadia, The University of Manchester

Social mobility in 2nd generation ethnic minorities: the importance of neighbourhoods

Presenter: Wouter Zwysen, ISER, University of Essex

Neighbourhood ethnic diversity and support for Universal Health Care in the UK

Presenter: Anja Neundorf, University of Nottingham

Ethnic differences in women’s social support networks: a latent class analysis

Presenter: Dharmi Kapadia, University of Manchester

Chair: Simonetta Longhi

Coffee BreakLecture Theatre Building Foyer

Conference end